What can you use SMS Surveys for?

Customer Satisfaction

SMS Surveys provide an easy and hassle-free way for your customers to provide feedback, allowing you to make improvements.

Site Visit Feedback

Ensure that any visit to your premises goes the way you expect, and respond quickly if it doesn’t.

Market Research

Collect opinions and information in a convenient way, boost response rates and increase engagement.


Net Promoter Scores

Use SMS Surveys to find out how loyal your customers are, and if they'd recommend your products and services.

API Integration

Integrate with your existing applications to trigger surveys automatically, allowing customers' feedback to be heard at all touch points.


Why use Esendex SMS Surveys?

Create responsive surveys


SMS Surveys can be designed either linear or branched, giving you the flexibility to ask questions and respond to customers in a more responsive way.

Additional meta data can be added to surveys to base questions on product purchases, regions and IDs, providing you better reporting and performance insights. Survey results can also be imported back to your existing CRM system for easy reporting and management.

Real-time dashboard


All surveys data are processed in real time and can be viewed within our colourful reporting dashboard, allowing you to have live updates on survey results. This can be used as a motivational aid to your support or sales team.

In addition to the overview, you can also delve deeper into the performance of individual questions, identify drop off points and produce detailed reports for download.

Integrate into a multichannel communication strategy


SMS Surveys can be integrated with any of your existing communication channels. They can be used interchangeably and according to your customer’s preferences. If you do not get a response from one channel, automatically switch to another to maximise response rates.

You can also test and compare different channels and combinations to find out what works the best for your business or a particular customer segment. Tailor a multichannel communication strategy the way it works.