Our online SMS platform - Echo

Sending text messages online is easy with Echo. All you need to do is login through your native web browser, and our intuitive interface will guide you through the rest.


No download no installation

Echo is an online platform that doesn't require any download or installation. Access it with your web browser anytime anywhere with any device!

One account for everyone

You can setup multiples users on a single account, each with their own username and password for maxium security and easy tracking for usage.

Instant & global coverage

We have direct connections to major APAC networks, enabling your messages get delivered quickly and securely wherever the destinations are.


Why use Esendex web SMS service?

Send SMS in Bulk in minutes

Our web SMS platform enables you to send Bulk SMS quickly. With the function to upload contact lists from various file formats, you will be able to send out personalised text messages in minutes.

Receive SMS online

Receiving SMS replies online is easy with a SMS Short Code. It is a 3-6 digit number your customers can text replies back to, and their responses will go directly into your Esendex account.

Simple integration

Our web SMS service can be used via our online platform, through your email account or be integrated with your system through our robust API. Integrations are simple with local support available.

Personalised message templates

Using merge fields like first name, date of birth and offer details enables you to create templates that can be turned into individually tailored text messages.

Unicode & emojis available

Our platform supports Unicode characters, meaning you can send your text messages in different languages, and include emojis in your SMS.

Message scheduling

You can write your text messages days or months in advance and schedule them to be sent out automatically for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Voice message option

Our platform will convert your text messages into a voice call if the destination is a landline; this option is available for mobile numbers too. Our system will retry until the call has been answered. In case of emergency or critical situations, call confirmation can also be setup.

Real-time reports

Reporting on our platform is instant. You will be able to see how many of your messages have been delivered or failed instantly, and to identify which numbers failed, allowing you to maintain a clean database.

Data security guarantee

We're ISO 27001 certified - a global recognised information security standard that provides a framework that oversees all things relating to Information Security Management. This ensures all our customer data is protected to the highest standard.