How to send SMS via email

Sending text messages from email is easy with our Echo for email service. It enables you to send SMS directly from your existing email account. With 3 simple steps, the email you sent will be delivered as an SMS!


Step 1

Add the email address you would like to send SMS from to your Echo for email account. You can add as many email addresses as you like!

Step 2

In any email program of your choice (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc), compose a new email as you would normally. It works on both desktop and smartphone.

Step 3

Instead of putting an email address in the "To" box, put the mobile number of the contact you want to reach, follow by - i.e. and hit send.


Why use Esendex email to sms gateway?

It works with any email service

Echo for email is compatible with any email service. Whether you are using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange or any other email software, you will be able to send SMS from your email account, without any additional training.

Use anytime, anywhere

There is no download or installation required. Once the email address is added to the Echo for email account, you can send text messages from your email anytime, anywhere, from whatever device just like you'll normally do with email.

International & multiple contacts

It doesn't matter how many recipients you are messaging and where they are, we can still deliver your email as SMS. All you need to do is to separate each recipient with a comma, exactly as you would if you were sending an email.


Replies into email inbox

Any replies to your SMS messages are delivered straight into your email inbox, and placed inside a conversation thread like regular email. With all of your communications in one place, it's so much easier to manage.

Signature stripping

You can easily set up to have your default email signatures and disclaimers to be ignored when your email is sent as an SMS, so that you don't have to worry about wasting the 160 characters of an SMS on that.